SD-WAN 2020 Report: Launching into the cloud

Barracuda Networks just launched their 2020 report uncovering the latest trends around organizations embracing cloud technologies. SD-WAN is a key priority for these organizations. In fact, the adoption rates are incredible. The fast growing security, networking, and storage company funded an independent study from Vanson Bourne to survey the IT industry.

Polling over 700 executives and IT buying team members, this report covers the global reach from EMEA, APAC, and the US. Here are the high level results.

2020 SD-WAN Adoption

74% of organizations have deployed or plan on deploying SD-WAN within the next 12 months.

The numbers are staggering, but taking a closer look, adoption is less than anticipated.  

Companies buy through the channel

52% of organizations polled want to acquire SD-WAN through a cloud or managed-services provider.  This highlights the managed nature of these SD-WAN Deployments.  Organizations continue to embrace channel type deployments allowing them one point of contact for their digital technologies.

Looking for a technology partner to help with SD-WAN?

Cloud Communications Group is our preferred SD-WAN Partner. 

Planet One is the fastest growing Master Agent partnering with the majority of SD-WAN Providers today.


SD-WAN by Vertical

  • 35%
  • 7%

The Financial Industry is the clear front runner for SD-WAN Deployments representing 35% of organizations already deploying SD-WAN today and 41% of the remaining planning on deploying in the near future meaning 76% of financial organizations will have some form of SD-WAN deployed by 2022.  Based on the number of remote offices and need for security, this makes sense. 

Additionally, the rigid public sector is coming in last with only 7% of organizations already deployed.   Given the complexity of contracts and working with the public sector this isn’t a surprise.  

Only 23% Deployed SD-WAN

Surprisingly, only 23% of the organizations have already deployed SD-WAN technologies.  This is lower than expected given the hype around the Software-Defined technology for the last few years. 

Microsoft Azure is the Preferred Cloud Solution for SD-WAN

According to the report, Azure is by far the most preferred cloud provider.  Azure is 50% more preferred than AWS and 125% preferred vs. Google’s Cloud solutions. 


“As more organizations move to public cloud, SD-WAN technology is a critical part of securing these cloud deployments,” said Klaus Gheri, VP, Network Security, Barracuda. “By deploying an all-in-one, secure SD-WAN solution natively built into the public cloud network, organizations can reap the full benefits of public cloud.”

We are just touching the tip of the iceberg.  You need to download the full report directly from Barracuda to see all the details. Additional details in this report include: driving factors for SD-WAN adoption rates, regional differences, and benefits organizations are seeing from secure SD-WAN Solutions.

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51% Plan To Deploy SD-WAN

What is interesting is that 50% of organizations plan on deploying SD-WAN over the next 12 months. The swell and critical mass around SD-WAN is finally here.