Open-Source SD-WAN continues growth

flexiWAN flexes adding 1,000 SD-WAN accounts this year

The worlds first open-source SD-WAN provider flexiWAN has enjoyed massive growth and recently announced a monumental feat surpassing 1,000 account using its SaaS platform since launching in January 2020.

2020 continues to be thea year of SD-WAN and while some organizations are struggling MSPs and Service Providers are accelerating their exodus from the rigid legacy on-premise solutions.

flexiWAN has created sophisticated offerings for providers looking to embrace the open-source wave. They allow companies to deploy in a standard cloud methodology offering Shared and Dedicated environments depending on client needs. Essentially creating a self-serivce or white label solution. They also have a self-hosted solution for organizations needing to run SD-WAN on private or public cloud deployments.

“The global interest in flexiWAN fuels our journey to democratize the SD-WAN market,” said Amir Zmora, CEO & co-founder of flexiWAN. “We continue to grow the number of customers on our system by several new accounts per day accompanied by excitement of technology partners and customers looking to join our vision of an open SD-WAN platform that makes vendor lock-in a story of the past.” 

flexiWAN has an incredible community and user forum and allows users to sign up with a free account to start discovering how flexiWAN helps organizations embrace open-source SD-WAN.

SD-WAN on demand

Tucked in the press release was a very interesting feature. These SD-WAN deployment models break the rigid telecommunications 3-year contract structure allowing customers to cancel at any time. This is a ground breaking networking contract methodology that may have ripple effects through the industry as more organizations shift to cloud-based pricing.