SD-WAN 2.0? Nuage says YES!

Nuage Networks, the SD-WAN provider from Nokia (hint: mobility) has partnered with Asavie to provide what they’re touting as SD-WAN 2.0. This partnership allows Nuage to leverage mobile technology to easily manage remote devices, specifically Internet of Things (IoT).

The goal of this partnership is to remove the need for VPN when connecting mobile devices with the Enterprise cloud. They claim that the Nuage Network transforms their customers into ” an intelligent and automated infrastructure that increases scalability, service agility, and decreases operational complexity and cost. With VNS in place, you can benefit from SD-WAN 2.0 to transcend WAN connectivity alone and enable IT services across all parts of the network. “

  • Virtualization of Branch Offices
  • Security for the entire network
  • Scale including Mobile and IoT
  • Multicloud / Multi-tenant

What is incredibly interesting is how Nuage addresses what they describe as the top challenges impacting businesses and digital transformation initiatives including Multicloud, Scale, Security, and Virtualization.

Quoting the press release, Nokia highlights:

  • New solution will allow mobile users to connect to enterprise clouds and applications via SD-WAN, without the hassle of using VPN clients, as remote working rapidly increases
  • Allows enterprise IT managers to extend security policies beyond branch to mobile users and IoT devices, and CIOs enhanced visibility and control of devices, users and applications, regardless of location
  • Enables managed service providers to deliver secure and policy-driven enterprise-wide SD-WAN services, without need for VPN clients on mobile devices