Fortinet Certifies, GTT CEO steps down

Fortinet Achieves MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Certification

MEF has certified Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN services comply with the highest industry standards for SD-WAN Service Providers. “MEF 3.0 SD-WAN certification is a competitive differentiator that aims to help organizations make informed decisions when selecting an SD-WAN solution. We congratulate Fortinet on this achievement, which shows its commitment to addressing  WAN transformation requirements of both service providers and enterprises.”

Fortinet started partnering with MEF in 2017 and has closely worked with the organization to develop SD-WAN standards and practices. Today there are now around 25 service providers that meet the 3.0 certification .

GTT CEO Rick Calder is stepping down

After a 13 year run that massively expanded GTT, their CEO is stepping down. During his tenure, Rick gobbled up a number of smaller telecom networks including Interroute, Persues and more. These acquisitions made headlines and drove substantial top line revenue, but added heavy debt. The company announced earlier this year that they wanted to focus more on networking and get out of the infrastructure business. GTT has begun selling assets especially in the APAC regions. It will be interesting to watch this story unfold. If GTT can bring in a CEO with experience consolidating their incredibly complex string of networks, they may be poised for major growth. Through their Telecom acquisition quest, they now have over 600 POPs (points of presence) worldwide.