Requirements for Home Office SD-WAN

TL:DR SD-WAN deployments for high value remote workers require:

  • Security
  • Access to Cloud and Remote applications
  • Reliability and Bandwidth

SD-WAN is incredibly easy to deploy. The issue with SD-WAN for the home offices is that it’s still incredibly complex and may be cost prohibitive for all employees.

The home office has a variety of challenges that may require proper bandwidth prioritization and security especially in this new work from home era.

For example, home bandwidth hogs include remote office applications including UCaaS / Voice, Collaboration, Video, Office 365 and Google apps. Additionally, there are personal devices hogging bandwidth on iPads, iPhones, and web streaming. Additionally, home offices rely on external security threats including malware and phishing threats.

Most homes have some combinations of wireline and cell phones that provide 4G connections, but they likely don’t have a true wireless backup solution that connects with the router.

Home Office Security

Continuous connectivity allows remote workers secure connectivity to the core network. IT Technical Support, Executives, Programmers, Financial employees and more need reliable and secure access to sensitive and confidential resources.

SD-WAN allows remote workers to integrate with business level functions including web filtering, malware protection and other secure features

Application Access

Digital transformation has had a profound impact on the way we work. Given the recent pandemic, IT leaders have accelerated digital transformation even more. Access to cloud applications is easy, but how do users access proprietary core applications that may not exist in the cloud. Organizations like Vorbi are allowing organizations to virtualize their applications that were once entirely on-premise. These organizations align with SD-WAN providers to provide, secure and reliable access to the entire suite of services needed by High-Value Remote workers

Reliability and Control

Home-based Remote SD-WAN provides unprecedented reliability. On top of bandwidth prioritization (your kids watching youtube simultaneously on 5 devices) allows business applications higher priority for essential business needs. Additionally, SD-WAN routers can have primary as well as back up features for the worker that needs them.

Final Thoughts

For most workers, SD-WAN in the home office is likely overkill. There are specific use cases in which true SD-WAN may be required. Understanding which employees would gain value is important. Here are some questions to ask if you’re wondering if you need SD-WAN at your remote home office.

  • Are there any applications required that are inaccessible through the cloud?
  • Are there any bandwidth limitations or devices that are hogging data?
  • What security policies are in place related to Data-Sharing and privacy?
  • Is the remote connectivity needed permanently or temporarily?