SD-WAN Growth 2020: Back Half Acceleration?

Futuriom just released their 4th SD-WAN infrastructure growth report and the data is incredibly compelling! This report interviewed over 100 end users as well was many professionals in the networking services categories. Their hypothesis: SD-WAN is going to leave COVID-19 behind and the sales slowdown during the first half of 2020 is behind us. Their data suggests over 30% CAGR launching the SD-WAN Market passed $2 Billion during 2020 and nearing $5 Billion by the end of 2023. 




SD-WAN Predicted Growth

  • $2 Billion
  • $3 Billion
  • $3.7 Billion
  • $4.6 Billion

SD-WAN has gained momentum as digital transformation and remote work reach critical mass.  This secure cloud connectivity is allowing enterprises and medium sized businesses flexibility and security by reducing complexity around their branch-office networks.  Managed Services Providers and Partners are still the primary interface and Trusted Advisors like Cloud Communications Group are leading the way. 


Top SD-WAN Features used today

Increased Security

Optimization & Cost Savings

Speed & Performance

Flexibility &Agility

2020 SD-WAN Momentum


Momentum around SD-WAN has reached critical mass and the proof is in the numbers. over 90% of respondents to the Futuriom survey stated that they are currently evaluating SD-WAN technologies. The WFH transition is an important driver for this acceleration. 

SD-WAN Consolidation

Futuriom predicted the acquisition of CloudGenix in 2019.  They (and we) believe that 2020 and 2021 are key years for consolidation in the SD-WAN market.  They are slightly more bold predicting that the key smaller players including Aryaka, Cato Networks, FatPipe, Silverpear, and Versa are likely to be M&A targets. They believe one or more of these organizations could also IPO. 

This is just a brief overview of the massive amounts of data available in this report.  You can learn more by subscribing to their report here