700% Growth with SD-WAN?

AT&T is touting that their SD-WAN solutions have seen parabolic growth from the COVID-19 pandemic. These numbers are incredible, but come with a caveat. The telecommunications behemoth may be “stretching” what constitutes true SD_WAN. The technology seeing the growth authenticates through more traditional VPN means leveraging IPSec for authentication and encryption. That being said, the solution allows multiple users and a variety of access methods. The “box” is just running on a computer.

A rose by any other name?

This brings up the real question- will these types of interpretations of SD-WAN have an impact moving forward? The fact that AT&T is enabling remote work quickly matters most. Calling it SD-WAN doesn’t hurt the bottom line however. It will be curious to see how this product technically designated “network-based IP remote access VPN” will be leveraged moving forward. The good news is that the Blue Giant stated that network performance hasn’t been impacted and their cloud-based systems are nominal.

What are your thoughts? Does this count as true SD-WAN deployment?