Open-Source SD-WAN

Is Flexiwan the next Asterisk?

Israeli-based startup flexiWAN is describing itself as the “Second Wave of SD-WAN.” An open-sourced solution for enterprises and service providers to manage their networks and how data is transferred and handled, the company develops high-performance networking software and open APIs to run on low-cost x86 hardware. Since breaking out of stealth startup mode in the spring of 2019, flexiWAN already has a live beta via their Open Architecture and they claim this will unchain SD-WAN from monolithic vendor solutions.

A diagram of what flexiWAN calls “the horizontal layers required for a modular SD-WAN

Unlike the DIY box makers competing in the SD-WAN market today, flexiWAN is focusing on developing SD-WAN optimizations on the software side of the equation. It appears their goal is to build up an ecosystem based around open standards that combines white box customer premises equipment (CPE) appliances with open source apps running as virtual network functions (VNFs). It’s a method we know works because that is (basically) what Google did with Android.

Most importantly, flexiWAN appears to be in high-growth mode with regular updates and an exciting usergroup. No less than Intel has partnered with flexiWAN on a high-profile proof of concept, but can this young company keep the buzz going around their solution to win over both hardware providers and telecoms to make an open source rival that enterprises can get behind?

An overview of the of the open-sourced technology can be seen here.