SD-WAN Market Cap expected to Grow to nearly $50 Billion over the next Decade

Global SD-WAN is anticipated to reach nearly $50 billion by 2030.

SD-WAN or (Software Defined WAN) providers have been big beneficiary of the digital transformation initiatives organizations have faced over the last three to five years. In addition to digital transformation initiatives, massive growth in the areas of big data technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) that businesses are leveraging has become a very valuable resource for organizations, needing to utilize these new technologies moving away from rigid Dedicated Internet and MPLS solutions.

SD- WAN addresses many of the challenges brought on by the massive increase of data volumes. These providers have figured out how to handle the massive volumes of data being created, while securely monitoring data insuring nothing is mishandled or stolen.

The Pandemics Role in SD-WAN Acceleration

Initially organizations believed the pandemic would temorarily impact returns to office, but organizations are finding benefits in moving to a more permanent work from home(WFH) offerings for their high value workers. This has provided an additional boost for SD-WAN as organizations deploy reliable scalable software-defined pipes that allow secure connections over a variety of broadband types.

The future of Network Operations impacted by Software Defined WAN

Another big area that presents itself for the growth in this market is the ability to to see and interact with data real time, the network operations centers of the future are going to rely more on these managed type services that start using predictive as a service type offerings speeding up resolution of challenges and making sure that issues are addressed as soon as possible.

What is the role of 5G with SD-WAN?

One consideration around the future of SD-WAN is the impact of 5g, as it becomes broadly available across the United States. Initially, it’s anticipated that organizations will leverage 5g technologies as a backup solution, until the data providers can offer reliable and consistent output. At that point, we may start seeing organizations especially around remote work attempts to leverage 5g as a primary solution with SD WAN becoming a backup source.

market study report, LLC recently did a comprehensive report, looking at the future of the growth in this industry, and the impacts of digital transformation IoT, and the pandemic. We highly recommend anyone looking for details around this report, click the link attached at the bottom of this blog, and the report.

They focus on how the contractions and economic growth, are massively being impacted by COVID-19 and how this is shift shifted supply and demand for organizations, and the immediate needs for software defined networking, period.

They also look at some of the major players in the software defined space, and the detailed benefits that may impact to the top verticals including healthcare retail manufacturing Telecom, and more.

This report also discusses the impact of the different types of software defined networking and how they may be impacted in a on premise cloud based and cloud enabled type solutions and how that’s going to impact both residential and commercial applications, moving forward.

Other highlights of the week include a new Gartner firewall report that highlights for the neck checkpoint and Palo Alto Networks, as the main players in that space.

Organizations are also trying to figure out what to do with SASE.