3 Benefits of SD-WAN vs. MPLS

Digital transformation has been a key enabler of software-defined when reasons that businesses should consider SD land Solutions include the following.


Traditional MPLS Networks are insanely expensive and limited in speed.  MPLS make sense for secure transmission of mission-critical data but are rigid and cost-heavy. SD-WAN has enabled businesses to benefit from all of the MPLS features at a much lower cost.  Tunnels created via SD-WAN allow companies to leverage other bandwidth options including DIA and Cable Internet. These options often cost exponentially less than traditional MPLS deployments.   


The vast number of cloud applications available across a gamut of when environments has made SD-WAN the preferred networking solution centralized management of a variety of WAN deployments. Additionally Applications performance can be managed and prioritized insuring user-experience as well as security.  

Performance and uptime.

Two-thirds of us businesses still have limited bandwidth at remote locations historically this creates a bottleneck or a very expensive mpls Network needed for Mission critical data the vast Improvement of over-the-top neck Network speeds as well as routing and reliability gains from SD-WAN have enabled true quality of service allowing businesses to save money and in some cases increase performance and quality of their Network