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With many new SDWAN providers entering the market.  It’s important to understand which are the top vendors.  Are you looking for Managed or Un-managed SD-WAN?

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SDWAN Rankings exists to help you find the best solutions to help with your networking needs. Organizations selecting SD-WAN providers often rely on the partner community as trusted advisors to help select these networking technologies.  We can help you select a partner that will help you through vendor selection at no cost. ever. If you’d like an introduction to SD-WAN vendors or partners, let us know


We have done extensive research comparing the top SD-WAN providers 


Which SD-WAN providers are providing real value to companies moving their networks from traditional bandwidth or MPLS


Which SD-WAN providers are truly innovating vs. following the “me too” approach so many SD-WAN providers offer today

What is SD WAN

SD-WAN is formally defined as the application of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), which are utilized to connect small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-market networks – including branch offices and data centers – over large geographic distances.
SD-WAN allows business to streamline wide networking from hybrid MPLS to leveraging broadband toautomate network traffic over multiple connection types and turns traditional networking into a softwarebased remote functionality. SD-WAN provides what we will call a new experience for Small remote sites with a limited number of users and applications making their networking experience simple and highly affordable, while addressing not only the connectivity and management but also the security and ease of deployment and use.

Our checklist below goes through all of the attributes that you should be looking for when evaluating SDWAN solutions. With SD-WAN vendors offering different packages and vendors claiming they have a true SD-WAN solution when they don’t, we’re here to ensure you’re getting the most SD-WAN bang for your buck.
SD-WAN allows you to be flexible and use whatever connectivity makes sense for your business. In
addition, you can expand your existing network inexpensively.
• If you haven’t already invested in MPLS for your business, you don’t need to.
• Smaller sites, especially those connected to remote applications, require reliable, always-onconnectivity to the data centers and the cloud-based Software applications. SD-WAN deployed over affordable broadband connections (cable, DSL, and 4G LTE) may offer network resilience and always on connectivity through use of multiple links.
• connection through local Wi-Fi is available. SD-WAN edge appliances can utilize such Wi-Fi connections as WAN links, which can further reduce the price tag on online connectivity.

Top 3 SD-WAN Options 2019 The Top SD-WAN Providers By Category

1. Masergy SD-WAN

Fully Managed. Feature-Rich. Cost-Effective.

Managing a corporate WAN, especially one that was built over time and spans disparate geographic locations, traditionally has been one of the most expensive and rigid aspects of a global enterprise. Nothing about building and running a traditional enterprise network is simple. But Masergy Managed SD-WAN eases your enterprise networking burden.

By connecting your locations via broadband using innovative new programmable devices, Masergy Managed SD-WAN can get your remote office locations up in minutes. Tell us the IP address you want to use and your Masergy Managed SD-WAN will be automatically provisioned with secure premium network services, such as unlimited VPNs, next-generation firewalls, WAN optimization, and application delivery control.

You can easily modify every aspect of the SD-WAN connection remotely or have Masergy manage it all for you. You’ll never worry about your network performance when Masergy is your provider because our 24/7 live monitoring and support is the objectively known as the best in the business. With Masergy Managed SD-WAN, your enterprise network can respond proactively in real-time to network conditions that affect the performance of the apps your employees use on a daily basis. This improves your overall total cost of ownership, business agility, and workforce performance.

2. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet is a security vendor that has added SD-WAN functionality to their next-generation firewall appliances. This is similar to the “branch-in-a-box” move we’ve seen several vendors make, catering to  customers who wish to consolidate their branch operations and physical appliances under one vendor flag in one single device.

As a branch-in-a-box play, Fortinet is not a pure-play SD-WAN connectivity tool. That said, it feels like Fortinet is playing to their strengths by leveraging their existing, scalable platform and management tooling and adding smarter routing. Perhaps security has been their historical focus, but adding SD-WAN forwarding capabilities sure feels like it dovetails in nicely. It’s hard to say whether this approach will win Fortinet new customers or merely keep existing customers from checking out the market.

FortiGate Solution Brief

3. SilverPeak

With more than 1,000 production deployments as of the summer of 2018, customers have identified four unique areas of business value as the reasons they’ve chosen the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ unified SD-WAN platform. The platform enables customers to build a unified WAN edge that is business-driven, delivers the highest quality of experience, continuously adapts to changing business needs and network conditions. It is designed to enable enterprises to fully realize the transformational promise of the cloud. Figure 1: Forward-thinking executives choose the Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform.

By deploying the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, application performance, security and routing are dictated by top-down business policies, not bottoms-up technology constraints. Enterprises ensure that the priorities of their business are always reflected in the way the network delivers applications to users. Business intent dictates application QoS and security policies. Business intent also drives the way network resources are applied to match the business criticality of every application.

SilverPeak Business Case


Evaluating SD-WAN solutions can be somewhat tricky. Vendors and companies differ in the maturation of their feature established and ability to protect organizations from advanced dangers while enabling low touch provisioning. Even though the market offers SD-WAN solutions with secure Internet abilities, it is still maturing. This security approach is here to stay.
Although there are many various shipping and delivery models, SD-WAN with a secure internet gateway is most powerful as a cloud-based service. Why? Fog up applications can effectively protect company resources, solve for latency, and fulfill the need for business agility.
Around industries, SD-WAN is modifying SMB and mid-market sites with simplified network system and secure, reliable community connectivity, while significantly decreasing operational expenses.

More compact sites are typically geographically dispersed and require most affordable remote management
without demanding frequent truck rolls.
• SD-WAN offers complete distant management, from device enhancements to service provisioning and
real-time status monitoring, available by way of a, cloud-based orchestration program that is securely accessible from anywhere.
• Maintained services from an SD-WAN provider can further make simpler and reduce the price tag on management.
Security Options for all Location types
• When your network goes down, it will eventually hinder your business. It will eventually prevent you from being able to process orders, make credit credit card transactions, preventing your employees from properly doing their jobs. SDWAN can and should be failover ready.
• SD-WAN should allow you to permit 4-G LTE to set upwards a backup connection to which the network can switch over when the key internet connection, typically over broadband, fails.
• SD-WAN plus 4G failover give you the reassurance that your business is detailed 24/7/365. Risks and Problems
Like everything, SD-WAN would not come without risk and challenges. A few of the risks and problems that stand out are:
• Moving to using broadband internet does improve productivity, but it clears the door for security risks.
• 90% of SD-WAN vendors aren’t traditional security vendors, this means the attention to protecting data is secondary to network.

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As SD-WAN transitions beyond the Gartner hype-cycle and enters full-stream deployment.  Selecting the right vendor is imperative.

SD-WAN Rankings 2019

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