FlexiWAN is open resource SD-WAN, but that’s just part of the tale. Also, they are building a digital router and other infrastructure functions, such as security. As with many OSS projects, there will be a commercial variant.

On top of flexiWAN, you can, if you like, roll your personal SD-WAN solution catered in order to your individual requirements. Indem, the “flexi” in flexiWAN means the platform is customizable. There is an interface to write code, which you could leverage to handle in a unique way your own applications. For example, perhaps you’re a VoIP provider, in addition to want to make selections at the SD-WAN router level based on your current VoIP system telemetry. FlexiWAN lets you do this, anything they claim is lacking in any other SD-WAN solution.

The big win for flexiWAN users is that they can construct a differentiated SD-WAN service offering. Another selling point is that it enables an individual to integrate any kind of cutting edge technology as services. Not just about all programs you possibly can make forwarding selections on are chosen for you.

If the customization of flexiWAN isn’t that interesting to you, be aware that flexiWAN provides SD-WAN out of the box, too. You aren’t required to create a custom-made SD-WAN solution to employ flexiWAN.