Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN

NetScaler SD-WAN is surely an SD-WAN solution focused about optimizing traffic flows in between an area office and cloud-hosted applications. Appliances are implemented each and every remote location in addition to the corporate data centre. The appliance logically a genuine multiple connections–including MPLS, internet connection, mobile and satellite–into the single, virtual link. Contacts between appliances can become encrypted using IPSec.

NetScaler (formerly CloudBridge) measures every packet to monitor hyperlink performance. If performance upon one link degrages, the particular appliance can shift the particular flow to a different link. The appliance also includes WAN optimization features, including TCP termination, data decompression and deduplication, and caching for streaming video.

A controller manages the network, updates the software, plus lets administrators set guidelines. Customers can prioritize programs based on business needs; for instance , VoIP calls may get the higest concern, while Web surfing will get best effort. Administrators can also prioritize link types; for example, 3G can be set only to use as a backup if other connections go down.