Aryaka’s global SD-WAN can be used by 500+ global enterprises to change their own legacy MPLS-based connectivity globally.

The core of Aryaka’s global SD-WAN is really a worldwide private network with twenty six points of existence (POPs) across six continents, lower than 30 milliseconds away from 95% of the world’s business users. These POPs are interconnected by a backbone of private system connections delivered by best service providers. Enterprises make use of the internet for last-mile connectivity to Aryaka, yet Aryaka’s global backbone offers network transport which is far superior to the Internet and MPLS, with built-in cloud and SaaS connectivity. On top of this global network, Aryaka integrates SD-WAN technology, WAN optimization, content delivery network (CDN) functionality, mobile application acceleration, and connectivity in order to cloud platforms.

Aryaka’s worldwide SD-WAN is delivered because a service, reducing expenses by a lot more than 50%, in comparison to legacy solutions such as MPLS. Deployment of the Aryaka solution at a customer site takes hours compared to the months that it takes to set up MPLS.