VeloCloud the top choice for secure hyperscale SD-WAN?

A new Dell EMC-branded version of VeloCloud SD-WAN announced at VMworld 2019 is now available for enterprise managed cloud network infrastructure. This makes SD-WAN by VeloCloud software available as a flexible subscription with modern appliances in multiple configuration options backed by Dell’s global support supply chain and services. Companies can choose public, private, or hybrid cloud networking for their connectivity options. This new Dell EMC/VMware SD-WAN combo includes cloud-based management and orchestration software.

VMware exerts prime mover advantage

VMware is the undisputed world champion for server virtualization and have leveraged that experience to become a leader in virtualized cloud networking. Dell EMC’s part ownership of VMware gives them a further advantage in delivering hyperscale SD-WAN to global enterprises. In general, large companies benefit most from hyperscale architectures because they are highly automated and they scale out the same way that public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform do. Now, VMware is adding hyperscale SD-WAN to the mix. They’ve already installed thousands of their NSX gateways across every major cloud provider and partnered with hundreds of underlay carrier networks around the world.   

For prospective SD-WAN buyers, the Dell EMC/VMware tie-up results in the ability for adding new branch offices can be added dynamically and automatically without much effort. Changes, if necessary, can be rolled out dynamically to the VMware gateways without disruption to the end user. The cloud gateways provide the automated one-click onramp to all the major public cloud providers, and to VMware Cloud Foundation running in private data centers—perfect for hybrid cloud architectures. Another critical advantage is scalability; Dell EMC and VMware claim that customers can have tens of thousands of their SD-WAN edge devices on a single network.

Built-in cybersecurity for added value

When you factor in that VMware recently bought next-generation cybersecurity vendor Carbon Black for $2.1 billion, it’s very clear how this is going to play out. The Carbon Black acquisition gives VMware a growth path by embedding cybersecurity technology directly into their entire product line. Carbon Black developed cloud-native endpoint security software that VMware will infuse into both ends (gateway and edge) of the new hyperscale SD-WAN solution. Combine that with Dell EMC’s proven ability to provide enterprise services that go across on premise cloud and hybrid enterprise deployments, any large companies already invested in either the Dell EMC or VMware ecosystem will have a tough time choosing anything other than VeloCloud for SD-WAN.